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However, Africa Shopping Centre stands out by the variety of products it offers: from the Ivorian attieké to fufu, to yam, onga cube, fried shellfish, plantain and more.Africa Shopping Centre has a broader choice than most grocery shops, especially when it comes to food from smaller African communities in London.

In Brixton, Electric Avenue is filled with grocery shops and off licences.

They also have a website where you can buy their groceries as well as CDs and DVDs — plus they offer free local deliveries.

Right next to Chez Chiyoka is Top Food Centre whose mantra could be summarised as "we serve African people" — which, handily, is also the message on the store front.

By the way if you can't travel to any of the grocery stores listed in this article, Afro Express personal shoppers will happily go to the store, handpick your groceries and deliver directly to you.

Just text 'Hi' to 07480635362Thanks Aude for this fantastic write up and mentioning as way of identifying with the fast growing online food groceries delivering nothing but the best of Nigerian and Afro-caribbean food groceries online.

Exciting time for Africans and Caribbean living in London and the UK.

We're also humble to be part of a growing community of businesses working diligently to make Afro-Caribbean food and grocery easily accessible to all.It provides all types of African groceries and drinks as well as meat and fish, supplying to businesses, events and private customers.Customers order groceries via text message, sending a list and paying on delivery.Eating Afro-Caribbean food in restaurants can be time-consuming and not always convenient for busy Londoners.Unless you want plantain chips from Tesco or Sainsbury, African food is seldom available in big superstore chains.Chez Chiyonika is a Congolese grocery shop providing food like chikwangue and Kongo Bololo as well as other typical Afro-Caribbean fayre, including meat and fish.

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