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are a Native American people originally occupying what is now the Southeastern United States (modern-day Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana).Their Choctaw language belongs to the Muskogean language family group.

About 1,700 years ago, the Hopewell people built Nanih Waiya, a great earthwork mound located in what is central present-day Mississippi. The early Spanish explorers of the mid-16th century in the Southeast encountered Mississippian-culture villages and chiefs.From that period, the US appointed chiefs of the Choctaw and other tribes in the former Indian Territory.During World War I, Choctaw soldiers served in the U. military as the first Native American codetalkers, using the Choctaw language.They transferred the Choctaw Academy there and opened an academy for girls in the 1840s.In the aftermath of the Dawes Act in the late 19th century, the US dissolved tribal governments in order to extinguish Indian land claims and admit the Indian and Oklahoma territories as a state in 1907.After the Civil War, the Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana Choctaw fell into obscurity for some time.

The Choctaw in Oklahoma no longer considered the Mississippi Choctaw part of the Choctaw Nation.

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They never went to war against the United States but they were forcibly relocated in 1831-1833, as part of the Indian Removal, in order for the US to take over their land for development by European Americans.

In the 19th century, the Choctaw were classified by European Americans as one of the "Five Civilized Tribes" because they adopted numerous practices of their United States neighbors.

By the 1831 Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, those Choctaw who chose to stay in the newly formed state of Mississippi were to be considered state and U. citizens; they were one of the first major non-European ethnic groups to be granted citizenship.

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