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She wasn't the only girl I'd been involved with — I've batted for both teams (on the DL) since high school — but this relationship was the most serious.There were amazing times, like my 21st birthday, when we literally danced until dawn at an iconic club, or how she inspired me to run (starting with just a few blocks and building up to a 5-mile jog). A few weeks after we met, I came out to my parents and faced their initial shock and disappointment; we didn't speak for a while.

We'd get dirty looks at the mall, the gym, Disney World, pretty much everywhere that wasn't clearly designated as gay-friendly whenever showing a smidge of PDA.

Today, I seem like any straight, married 30-year-old on the surface.

But inside, I still feel that being bi is as much a part of who I am as it was 10 years ago — when I partied at a ladies-only bash in Asbury Park in a rainbow tube top.

To be honest, I couldn't blame them, because that's how society labels bisexual women. About two months in, I felt comfortable enough to have the bi convo.

But I'm not trying to "double my odds." I'm not wishy-washy or on the fence. Over an iced coffee date, he told me he already knew.

I'm just someone who has been attracted to both men and women — and no, not at the same time. He had pieced it together from my stories (and non-gender-specific pronouns) and was waiting for me to bring it up when I was ready.

He was respectful and unthreatened, and from then on, it was pretty much a nonissue.

” Before we began exploring polyamory, I didn’t even dress as androgynously as I do these days—I wanted to, but I was afraid of being accused of appropriating someone else’s culture.

Or, perhaps more truthfully, I was afraid I be appropriating someone else’s culture.

I told my parents that even though I plan to live happily ever after with Artie, my bisexuality will always be a part of me.

(For the record, they are now very supportive and told me if anyone has a problem with it, "screw them.") I told Artie that I'm so proud of being his wife, but I'm also proud of all the steps in my life that led me to him.

A few weeks later, when I teared up watching Abby Wambach run to kiss her wife after winning the Women's World Cup, he wrapped an arm around me and kissed my forehead.

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