Plural dating plural dating lds

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Plural dating plural dating lds

Still, Utah is 77 percent Mormon, but only about one-eighth of the church members (1,363,000) live there.The founder of the Mormon church in the United States, Joseph Smith, Jr., was the third son of a New England farming family.

Some Mormons who knew of the doctrine opposed the practice and in June 1844 published a newspaper expressing their views of Smith as a fallen prophet.

Its 8,000,000-person membership in 1991 nearly covered the world and only half (4,336,000) lived in the United States.

Of the one million converts in 19, 60 percent of them were from Mexico and Central and South America.

The Mormons received a liberal charter from the state that allowed them to have their own militia and courts.

From here Smith continued to send out missionaries. One of Smith's revelations, plural marriage, caused special problems for the Mormons.

During the summer of 1831 Smith declared that this Zion would be established in Jackson County, Missouri. However, tension arose between the Mormons, who opposed slavery, and slaveholding immigrants from Tennessee and Kentucky.

The Mormons' claims that the territory was their promised land, their voting together as a bloc, and their communal living posed a threat to the Missourians' lifestyle, and the Mormons were eventually forced from the state.

Some Mormons reported that when Young spoke to them he sounded like Smith.

These people saw this as a heavenly manifestation that Young was to be the next leader. Young led the work to complete the temple in Nauvoo and continued to give the members the ordinances he learned from Smith.

The Mormons moved to Illinois and settled on undeveloped land along the Mississippi River known as Commerce.

They renamed the area Nauvoo and started building a city.

One of the first groups went to share the Book of Mormon with the Native Americans.