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It's a defense mechanism that allows you to avoid the discomfort of acknowledging your weaknesses.

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People who care about you want you to feel happy, even if sometimes they get too wrapped up in their own problems to show it well.

It might not be, but if it , identifying it can help create peace in that relationship.

Everyone knows someone who makes everything a fight.

Sometimes they may be hurtful and mean it—let's not pretend we're all angels. It will likely be when they're hurting and don't know what to do with it. If you want to get good will, share it by seeing the best in the people you love. When you feel unhappy with yourself, it's easy to find something wrong in a relationship. And secondly, it usually doesn't solve the problem, since you didn't actually address the root cause.

If you blame another person for what you're feeling, the solution is on them. Next time you feel the need to blame someone for your feelings—something they did or should have done—ask yourself if there's something else going on.

It's about any relationship—with your brother, your mother, your coworker, or your friend. I've made a million and one mistakes in relationships. Or not asked for what I needed in fear of rocking the boat. If you've ever gotten in a fight only to find yourself wondering what you were upset about, this post may help you.

If you've ever been disappointed because someone didn't meet your expectations, this post may help you, too. You guessed it—there's likely something in here that will help you change that. We have thoughts and feelings that can be confusing. And just like in the movie , they don't always collide smoothly.

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. I'd like to think what redeems me from all these mistakes is that I've also been honest. When you've had a bad day, the people around you seem difficult.

Without them, humanity cannot survive.” ~Dalai Lama Though Valentine's Day is coming up next month, this is not a post about romance. Being self aware, in my opinion, is far more valuable than being perfect—mostly because the former is attainable and helpful, while the latter is neither. When you're not happy with yourself, your relationships seem to be lacking.

In psychology, projecting refers to denying your own traits and then ascribing them to the outside world or other people.

For example, if you're not a loyal and trusting friend, you may assume your friends are all out to get you.

Show them you understand where they're coming from, and they'll be willing to see your side.